Police Investigating After “Influencer” Jumps In Alligator Exhibit At Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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I hope those fake internet points were worth it.

Busch Gardens says that they’re working with law enforcement after an “influencer” was filmed jumping into the alligator exhibit at their Tampa Bay park and mocking tourists who told him to get out.

Actually “influencer” might be a little strong of a word here, because the man was reportedly identified as Jacob Ryan Pursifall, who has less than 1,000 followers on his TikTok. And the stunt doesn’t seemed to have really helped him grow his following any – unless you count now being followed by the police.

According to witnesses, the man jumped the fence and entered the alligator habitat, reportedly coming within about five feet of the gator. And when people were heard telling the idiot to get out, he started to mock them in his worst Steve Irwin Australian accent:

“Another wild Karen! Crikey!”

Busch Gardens said in a statement that nobody – including the animals – were injured by the student, and that they’re working with law enforcement on the incident:

“We will not tolerate this blatant disregard of our safety rules and are working with law enforcement on this matter. The safety and well-being of our guests, ambassadors, and animals remains a top priority.”

I know I work in online content, but I swear social media just makes people dumber. The things people will do to become an “influencer” and get a few meaningless internet likes…

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