ERNEST Got So High With Wiz Khalifa Before A Show That He Didn’t Recognize Him In The Crowd And Threw Him A Bouquet Of Roses

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When you think of a dream blunt rotation, who would be in it?

Of course, everybody is going to feature Willie Nelson, because the guy is a near god when it comes to the devil’s lettuce.

However, this may be the most unlikely, yet most incredible blunt rotation I’ve ever heard in my life.

ERNEST recently made an appearance on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, and recalled a wild and hilarious story about getting high as a kite with famed rapper Wiz Khalifa, and Olympic champ Michael Phelps while him and Morgan Wallen were playing a show.

ERNEST said:

“Wiz Khalifa and Michael Phelps were in my greenroom smoking KK dawg. Like I was in rotation with Michael Phelps and Wiz Khalifa, and my wife Delaney. Dream rotation.

I just couldn’t believe it. And so Morgan’s going on, so we all take the elevator and we go up, we got this suite and I’m up there cooked with Michael Phelps, Wiz Khalifa and some other people.

We were watching. Wiz pulls my hair and is like, ‘Some KK rolled by Wiz,’ and I was like ‘Yeah! Yes!'”

Sounds like a pretty good pregame routine – until it comes time to take the stage:

“And then I look up, and I’m like oh sh*t I got 12 minutes before I got to be down there, and we’re doing ‘Flower Shops.’

So I elevator rush, boom boom, throw on a new fit. I’m lit, walking out on stage.”

What Ern didn’t realize was that Wiz also came down to watch the show from the pit. And he didn’t even recognize him when he looked out and saw him from the stage:

“So in my mind, Wiz is watching me right now on this massive thing, right? I’m doing ‘Flower Shops,’ and after ‘Flower Shops’ every night we throw roses. Morgan’s got a bouquet, I got a bouquet, we go out and milk it.

So I get my roses, and I go out there and I see this group of fellas and one of them was a tall black dude.

But I wasn’t like oh that’s Wiz, because Wiz is up here in my mind right? It’s dark, I can’t really see much, so I was like oh I’m throwing roses to the fellas. Didn’t think nothing of it.

I get back to my greenroom, Seth my manager runs in and is like ‘Dude, Wiz caught your f*cking roses. I was like no way Wiz is up there, he goes ‘No Wiz came down to watch from the pit.’ I was like what?”

Now THAT is what I call a helluva story right there.

You can check out the full conversation here:

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