We Officially Have A Barry Bonds Documentary In The Works

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When you think of the most polarizing MLB players to ever play the game, Barry Bonds is on the top of the list nine times out of 10.

We’re talking about a guy who shattered Hank Aaron’s home run record, hitting a staggering 762 in his career. And of course, there was the steroid allegations that ultimately put him out of the game of baseball, along with the fact he was generally disliked by sports media.

I mean c’mon, we’re talking about a guy who was once intentionally walked with the bases already loaded, just because the pitcher didn’t want to give up a grand slam.

Arguably the greatest to ever play the game, Bonds is always a hot topic when it comes to Cooperstown, and whether or not he should be admitted into the baseball hall of fame. Some say that steroids can’t help you hit a baseball, and opponents argue that he cheated… and cheaters don’t get in.

With that being said, we officially have a Barry Bonds documentary on the way.

According to Deadline, HBO and Words + Pictures have teamed up to produce a documentary, directed by Keith McQuirter.

“The untitled HBO Sports Documentary will tell the story of Barry Bonds, baseball’s single-season and all-time home run king, from his beginnings as the son of All-Star Bobby Bonds, and godson of the iconic Willie Mays, all the way up to his meteoric rise in the 1990s and 2000s.

Using archival footage and original interviews, the film will chronicle Bonds’ emergence as one of the game’s most talented all-around players with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants and then his years as a superstar with the Giants when he rewrote the record book in his late 30s amid controversy.”

A release also states that the documentary will feature a diverse cast of people who played influential roles in Bonds’ life and career.

McQuirter also added:

“Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1990s, Barry Bonds was the ultimate superstar. You couldn’t escape his name or his game, his story, or his personality. Every time he stepped up to the plate, the energy was electric – because he wasn’t just competing with his contemporaries, he was competing with history.

Bonds was undoubtedly controversial, but no matter how you felt about him, his pursuit of becoming the greatest player of all time was mesmerizing. Through a series of interviews, we will illuminate the untold story of Bonds, providing an intimate look behind the scenes.

 It will all add up to a complex journey that was one of the most enduring and consequential tales in American sports history – a tale I can’t wait to tell.”

There is still no release date to this point.

Whether you love or hate the guy, it will be interesting to finally have an opportunity to see the timeline of Bonds’ stories career through firsthand experiences.

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