Former ‘The Ranch’ And ‘That 70s Show’ Star Danny Masterson Found Guilty Of Two Counts Of Rape

Danny Masterson The Ranch
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Going to prison.

Back in 2020, actor Danny Masterson, best known for his roles as Rooster in The Ranch and Steven Hyde in That ’70s Show, was charged with three counts of rape after allegations that the star had forcibly raped three separate women between 2001-2003.

In December of 2017, Masterson was fired from the popular Netflix show The Ranch after the allegations were levied against him. The Ranch was one of the biggest shows in the country, but after Masterson’s character Rooster left the show, it never seemed to recover.

And today, Masterson learned that he would be spending some hard time behind bars.

A Los Angeles jury found Masterson guilty of two counts of rape and were unable to reach a verdict on the third after deliberating for over a week.

Masterson, who is married to actress and model Bijou Phillips, did not testify in his own defense, and his defense team did not present any evidence on his own behalf.

The actor now faces from 30 years to life in prison, a stunning fall from grace for an actor who starred in two of the biggest shows of their time.

All three of his accusers are members of the Church of Scientology, of which Masterson is also still a member. The trial was the second time prosecutors have attempted to get a conviction against the former star, after a jury deadlocked during his first trial six months ago.

Masterson was immediately placed into handcuffs and taken into custody after the verdict was announced, though he won’t know his sentence until a later date. He’s due back in court in August, but it’s not clear when he will actually be sentenced.

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