Tommy Prine Draws Inspiration From Johnny Cash & The Carter Family Home For New Single, “Cash Carter Hill”

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Tommy Prine

Tommy Prine just keeps ‘em coming.

Less than a month out from the June 23rd release of his debut record This Far South, Prine’s latest single “Cash Carter Hill” is out on streaming platforms everywhere. And just like the previous singles, it’s another heater from Tommy Prine.

During the making of this album, Prine embarked on a writing retreat with friend and songwriting mentor of sorts Ruston Kelly, to the rural Virginia farm of country music’s legendary Carter family. Invited to use the property by John Carter Cash himself, the son of Johnny Cash and June Carter, it was during this visit to the property that Prine found the inspiration for “Cash Carter Hill.”

In a recent Instagram post, Prine described the experience in a bit more depth:

“While writing for the album, I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few nights in the Carter Family’s home with Ruston Kelly.

The energy left behind in those walls from Johnny and June, Mother Maybelle and the songs that were sang in that home; provided a place of sanctuary and reflection.

I wrote this poem after a hike up the hill in the backyard, and it ultimately grew into a song. That song is coming out this Friday, link in my bio/story to pre-save ‘Cash Carter Hill.’

A well-written, introspective track about forging his own identity as a songwriter in the wake of his late father John Prine’s iconic legacy, “Cash Carter Hill” matches thought-provoking lyricism with a rock and roll rhythm to produce one of the best singles of the year thus far.

Prine provided more insight into his latest release.

“This song highlights my journey to create my own life and path as an artist as the son of a legendary sing-songwriter. It’s an intense job and I feel this song encapsulates the thoughts and feelings going through my head as I navigate my life.”

So with all of that context, check it out for yourself.

Here is “Cash Carter Hill,” the latest single off of Tommy Prine’s upcoming debut record This Far South.

“Silence is peace in a living man’s head
There’s noise from the void when you talk to the dead”

If those lyrics don’t send a shiver down your spine, I don’t know what will. Tommy Prine is proving to be a songwriting force in his own right, and there is plenty more where that came from.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at the tracklist for This Far South, listen to the singles he has already released, and be prepared to have your mind blown when the full record drops on June 23rd.


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“Cash Carter Hill”

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Catch Tommy on tour this year:

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