SEC Baseball Announcer Jumbles His Words In The Worst Way Possible While Trying To Say “Turn The Clock Back”


Oh no. Oh no he didn’t.

There’s nothing more hilarious than when a sports announcer completely jumbles up his or her words, and it just comes out the complete opposite the way they intend.

We recently heard Charles Barkley say during Inside The NBA that he was “kind of juggling two balls,” and his fellow analyst Shaquille O’Neal couldn’t help but laugh his a** off after Barkley’s statement.

Of course, it can be unfortunate sometimes because the words they accidentally say are very harmful, or they get caught saying something on the hot mic when they didn’t know they were live, and it could cost them their job.

Nevertheless, most of the time these moments are hilarious, and we had one last night during the SEC Baseball Tournament between Vanderbilt and Auburn.

With Vandy leading the Tigers 6-2 in the bottom of the eighth inning, the announcer said something absolutely WILD.

You can hear announcer Tom Hart say:

“You can’t turn the black c*ck black… You can’t turn the clock back, I know it’s after midnight…”

I mean that’s just BRUTAL.

His fellow announcer in the booth saying “Oooo” says it all.

Of course, it was a late night game, Hart was probably exhausted and we’ve all accidentally jumbled our words together at some point in our lives. However, what a terrible time for the guy to do it on live television.

Just hear for yourself:

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A beer bottle on a dock