Twitter Goes Wild After Seeing Brooks Koepka Looking Wide-Eyed & Locked In At Florida Panthers Game

Brooks Koepka golf

I can’t imagine the joy a professional golfer feels after winning a major championship.

You dream of winning something one as a kid, and finally those dreams come to fruition years down the road after putting in an ungodly amount of hours perfecting your craft.

Of course, Brooks Koepka now has five major championships under his belt after winning his third PGA Championship this past weekend at Oak Hills in Rochester, New York.

However, it’s his first major in four years, and the guy has been trying to get his game back for quite some time now, so I’m sure this win was a breath of fresh air for the guy.

And when you haven’t tasted that sweet taste of winning a major in four years, and you finally get it done over the span of four grueling days of golf, you already know my guy has been celebrating like the world could end tomorrow…

And if we needed an idea of that, we may have got it last night when Koepka was spotted supporting the Florida Panthers in game three of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Needless to say, my guy looks like he hasn’t slept since he took home the Wanamaker Trophy on Sunday evening.

With his hair all frizzy, nose looking as red as Rudolph’s, and eyes wider than the Atlantic Ocean that don’t seem to be able to blink, a bunch of internet folks are saying that he may be dabbling in the good ol’ booger sugar, or some other feel good substance, if you know what I mean.

Or, he’s just such a big Florida Panthers fan, he’s locked and loaded into the game.

Just see for yourself…

But in all seriousness, whether you love the guy or hate him, it’s great to see the man back in the major championship win column, as many had already written him off and believed his best years are already behind him.

Have a week, Brooksy.

But I must say, some of these Twitter comments are incredible:

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