The NASCAR Fan Who Was Kicked Out Of The All-Star Race For Fighting In The Stands Was Arrested After Trying To Sneak Back Into The Track


Gotta admire his persistence.

The NASCAR Cup Series was back at North Wilkesboro Speedway last night for the first time since 1996 for their annual All-Star Race.

The much-hyped event ended up being kind of a snoozefest after Kyle Larson dominated the field and went on to win the event for his third time. But despite the lack of action on the track, there was some beating and banging in the stands.

Video posted to Twitter shows two corn-fed NASCAR bros throwing hands in the stands in the middle of the race.

It’s not clear what led to the brawl, but you see a man in a white t-shirt going after a guy in a gray shirt with a ponytail a row in front of him. The guy with the ponytail manages to get white shirt in a headlock, but he’s in an inferior position being down below white shirt, who lands a few good punches before police step in to break it up.

Well apparently it was determined that the man in the white shirt was the aggressor, and he was promptly ejected from the track, presumably with a stern warning not to return – which he ignored.

According to the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Department, the man in the white shirt, was 26-year old Britton Settle of Elkin, North Carolina. After being kicked out of the race, the man in the gray shirt decided not to press charges against Settle, so he was free to go about his business without a trip to jail.

Unfortunately that’s not what Settle did. Determined to make the most of NASCAR’s first trip to North Wilkesboro in his lifetime, Settle attempted to re-enter the racetrack…where he was then arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.

Just couldn’t take the break you were given and cut your losses, eh?

If he had just left when he was told, he could have at least caught the end of the race on his phone. But I have a feeling he ended up missing it anyway in the back of a police car.

Update: The arrest warrant for Settle shows that he was not charged with trespassing as was originally reported. This article has been updated. The video showing the original altercation has also since been removed from Twitter.

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