Kyle Larson’s Wife Chugs A Beer In Front Of North Wilkesboro Crowd After All-Star Race Victory

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Man, ya gotta love racing.

The NASCAR All-Star race returned to North Wilkesboro Speedway, marking the first Cup Series race at the track in 27-years.

Kyle Larson absolutely dominated the loaded field, summing it up in the best way possible for his third ever NASCAR All-Star Race victory:

“That was an old-school a** whipping, for sure.”

Larson earned himself some nice pocket change, bringing in $1 million for the win.

He beat out Bubba Wallace (second), and Tyler Reddick, Chase Briscoe, and Chase Elliott to garner Hendrick Motorsports’ 11th All-Star Race victory.

As always, any NASCAR race calls for a celebration, and Larson’s wife, Katelyn, decided to celebrate in the best way she knew how…

And that’s by chugging a good ol’ fashioned Coors Light.

She was caught on video taking a Coors Light, and attempting to shotgun it at first. However, she was having a hard time cracking the beer open with her key for the shotgun.

So, she just said “screw it” and decided to chug it on the spot.

Gotta love it…

And this has kind of become a regular occurrence for Katelyn who famously shotgunned a Busch Light in victory lane after Kyle won the Cup Series Championship in 2021. She also shotgunned a Busch Heavy tallboy at the NASCAR Awards in 2019.

As she chugged the Coors Light like there was no tomorrow, you can hear the fans going berserk in the crowd.

Check it out:

Katelyn Larson Shotguns A Busch Light In Victory Lane

Katelyn Larson knows how to party.

After her husband won the NASCAR Cup Series championship in dominating fashion, winning 10 races in the 2021 season and pulling off a win at the series finale in Phoenix to take home the grand prize.

So in Victory Lane after the race, Katelyn was there to celebrate the best way she knows how: Shotgunning Busch Lights.

Pretty damn good form.

Her time was good, not a lot of spillage… I’m impressed.

Of course this isn’t Katelyn’s first rodeo: She was caught shotgunning a beer in Victory Lane after Kyle’s 2019 win at Dover.

(Her form’s gotten a lot better since then).

And she also threw one back at the Cup Series awards ceremony later that year.

Man, a NASCAR championship and a wife that’s shotgunning Busch Lights?

That Kyle Larson is one lucky dude.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock