Nashville Police Searching For Woman Who Bit Tourist At Kid Rock’s Bar

Kid Rock's bar Nashville

Is this better or worse than getting slapped with a colostomy bag?

Kid Rock‘s bar in Nashville (officially named Kid Rock’s Big Ass Rock ‘N Roll Honky Tonk Steakhouse) is a wild place. One of the most popular bars with tourists on Broadway, it’s also one of the rowdiest.

The bar’s made plenty of headlines since opening in 2019, including back in 2020 when Morgan Wallen was arrested at Kid Rock’s for allegedly breaking a glass and refusing to leave when asked.

Then there was the infamous colostomy bag incident in 2021, when a man was arrested outside the bar for hitting police in the face with his bag of poo.

And of course there was the guy who passed out in an Uber after partying too hard at Kid Rock’s and ended up in Alabama instead of back at his AirBnb.

So yeah, Kid Rock’s has quite the reputation. But tourists seem to absolutely love it.

Well, one woman may not love it anymore after being bitten while visiting the bar.

According to Newschannel 5 in Nashville, Anne Frey was visiting Music City for the first time to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, and the family ended up at Kid Rock’s bar. But when her husband stepped away to get drinks and her daughter went to the bathroom, an unknown woman came up to Frey and took a big ol’ bite out of her arm.

Speaking on the bizarre incident, Frey says that it’s still all a blur:

“She was near me for all of one to two minutes. I would say it was one but it could’ve been one to two because it’s just a blur. So then, I didn’t even see her step back or leave all of a sudden she bit my arm.”

The woman then quickly exited the venue with the man who was with her, and Metro Nashville police are seeking to identify the wannabe-vampire, asking anybody who recognizes the woman to call and let them know who she is.

Kid Rock's bar

According to Frey, she had to go to the doctor and was put on antibiotics to treat the wound, and will also have to go back for monthly checkups to make sure she doesn’t end up with any infectious diseases like Hepatitis or HIV.

I guess you never know what’s going to hit you – or bite you – at Kid Rock’s.

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