Florida Man Jumps On 12-Foot Alligator To Rescue His Dog, Trapper Catches It

Alligator attack

Gotta watch out for them gators.

It’s no secret that alligators can attack out of nowhere, and oftentimes, dogs walking along the bank of the water tend to be an easy target. We saw an 85-year-old woman tragically pass away a few months back while trying to save her dog from an alligator that snuck out of a pond in her Florida neighborhood.

Needless to say, you have to have your head on a swivel when you’re walking your dog near a bodies of water in Florida.

With that being said, we have yet another run in between an alligator and a dog in Florida, as this one comes out of Oviedo, Florida.

According to FOX 35 Orlando, a couple was walking their dog at Riverside Park by the Little Econ River, when a large gator came out of the water and snatched their dog.

However, the boyfriend acted quick and came after the 12-foot long gator in an attempt to rescue the dog. It’s unclear if the dog sustained significant injuries, or survived the attack.

The FWC said in a statement that they issued a permit to trap the alligator, and the trapper removed a 12-foot, six-inch long alligator from the park on Sunday.

Alligator trapper Jerry Flynn spoke with the outlet, saying:

“We knew that he was a dangerous alligator, a very large alligator.”

The FWC warns that alligators can be found in any lakes, ponds, swamps, rivers, and marshes, and are more active in the spring and summer as the temperatures rise.

I just hope the dog is okay, along with the couple who intervened and tried to save their pet.

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