Fisherman Feeding Pelicans Off The Back Of Moving Boat Interrupted By Hungry Seal

Seal pelicans

I’ve always seen signs that say “please do not feed the birds,” and now I think I know why you aren’t supposed to…

Apparently feeding birds can lead to hungry seals jumping aboard your boat like a pirate and stealing all of your food from your livewell, just as it plays out in this unbelievable viral video. I will say that as you watch the video, the last thing you expect is for…well, what actually happens.

The minute and a half long video is quite the interesting wildlife encounter, but things really ramp up about 45 seconds in.

The sunglasses wearing man casually feeds the pelicans from the fish in his livewell, tossing the food right into the mouths of the birds who were impressively keeping up with the boat as it travels across the water.

Like a lot of of people when they see a sign that says “free food,” a seal that was nearby in the water had to check out the situation.

Not only did it check it out, but it launched itself onto the back of the moving boat.

The man tosses a fish its way, and the seal quickly obliterates it. The man thought that would be enough to satiate the wild animal, but the seal had other things in mind.

It manages to flop its way up into the boat and then hilariously goes face first into the livewell and eats every single last fish that the boat had.

The seal finally finishes up its 11-piece fish dinner and dives back into the water. The man hilariously looks into the now empty fish container and laughs it off.

I know it sounds a little too crazy to believe, so you’ll have to watch it yourself in order to digest it (like the seal digested those fish):

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock