Guy Gets Kicked Square In The Jaw Trying To Grab A Calf From Behind

Kicked by calf

Sweet chin music…

A wise man once said, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

And in this case, the “stupid game” involved trying to grab a calf from behind.

And the stupid prize? He took a BRUTAL kick to the chin.

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but it almost looks like some kind of class trip to a farm or something. We have a bunch of high school age kids, none of which seem to be dressed for ranch work, and they seem to be working on groups to get the calves on the ground? It’s hard to tell, but I don’t think this is a case of some dope trying to bother a calf for no reason.

Nevertheless, dude ate some hoof.

And you could tell from the laughter of everybody surrounding him that they all were loving it, meanwhile he’s completely stunned, trying to get it together and pick up his beanie… and maybe even his teeth after that shot.

But seriously though, this small calf sent the guy flying back like he weighed as much as a tooth pick… you know it’s gonna leave quite a mark.

Ol’ buddy needs to get some cow wrangling lessons from some folks back home before he tried to come in from behind again.


And speaking of a little sweet chin music, how about a little HBK highlight reel?


Elk Front Flips Over Fence Chasing A Cow

Eye on the prize, don’t lose focus, buddy.

This lad certainly knew what he wanted, it just so happened that paying attention might have helped get him to her faster.

Wildlife is pretty cool to watch, especially when it comes to the rut. They just act so different, and much more aggressive with only one thing on their minds. Just like a frat boy at the bars, they’re looking to meet women, and willing to even fight over them.

I mean, can you imagine if humans only got a short period of time once a year to be able to mate? It would be a few weeks of pure anarchy…

This bull elk out in Utah was on a mission to get some when he came across a fence.

We’ve seen animals struggle to jump over things before but there’s just something hilarious about a big ol’ bull chasing a cow and running into something.

This bull jumps the fence gets tangled up and does a full front flip on the other side. Without missing a beat his eyes are back on the prize and he’s off as if nothing happened.

According to the man filming, the bull just carried on, in full pursuit:

“This big guy was so focused on chasing a cow elk, he didn’t notice Biologist Brian Maxfield in his truck nearby, or the fence.

The bull continued chasing the cow, acting like nothing happened. Way to recover, buddy.”

I’ve seen this one before, the hard wipe out, and then play it off cool to make sure the lady is still into it… happens to the best of us.

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