Yellowstone Tourists Capture Video Of Stampede Of Bison Charging In Their Direction: “Literally Shook The Bridge”

Yellowstone bison

Most of us have only witnessed massive stampedes on western shows or movies.

However, these lucky people got to witness it first hand at Yellowstone National Park, and it looks WILD.

Vanessa Lynn-Byerly was the one who captured the wild scene on video, where you can see a large stampede of bison making their way down a hillside, and turning straight onto the road they were parked on, charging right in their direction.

You can also see a number of calves charging alongside the mothers as well.

She wrote in the Facebook post:

“This was SO amazing to see in person – the bison literally shook the bridge so i was trying to hold my phone really still bc the car was shaking!”

She also told For The Win Outdoors:

“The car shook when they first came onto the bridge and I asked my husband if there was something happening with the car and he said, no, that’s the hooves shaking our car!”

You can imagine at the time it was probably pretty intimidating, seeing such massive creatures charging right in your direction, but also magnificent to witness at the same time.

We’re talking about creatures that can weigh up to 2,000 pounds, and when you have a large herd of them stampeding, it literally feels like an earthquake.

Check it out:

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