Ben Affleck Goes Viral Once Again For Looking Absolutely Miserable As He Opens Car Door For Wife, J-Lo

Ben Affleck and J-Lo

R.B.F. might actually stand for “Resting Ben Face.”

Ben Affleck has a knack for looking like every day is the worst day of his life, even though I’d venture to say that he has a lot going for him.

The 50-year-old actor is wrapping up his role as Batman in the DC Comics cinematic universe, he can star in or write really any movie that he wants to, and he just married Jennifer Lopez back in July of last year.

So why the long face Ben?

I mean, seriously what is going on? Just look at all of these meme-able moments over the years with the well known actor. There’s a reoccurring theme of cigarettes getting Affleck “in his feels” it appears:

Ben Affleck; blink twice and hold a cigarette dramatically if you are okay.

With all that being said, we may be reaching peak Ben Affleck Meme form in 2023 thanks to this new video. The footage shows a miserable looking Affleck walking in front of his wife Jennifer Lopez to politely open the car door for her.

As the video is captioned, Ben Affleck is indeed proving that chivalry is not dead, but we still have a lot to unpack in the short clip.

First, why does Affleck look like he just found out that his dog died? Could it be that he doesn’t like being filmed and just wishes he could walk to the car with his wife and sip on his iced coffee in peace?

Or did J-Lo maybe just hit him with a passive aggressive “I wish you would dress up a little bit more” and it just sent him over the edge? It could honestly be a little bit of both if we are being honest.

I will say that it does seem very nice for Ben to open up the car door for the two-time love of his life (2002-2004, 2021-present), but I don’t think Lopez will be very happy with the fashion in which he slammed it shut. The whole nice gesture could be thrown right out the window considering the force and sarcastic follow through of the slam.

However, the look that Ben gives the camera at the end of the video does seem to confirm the “he is upset about being filmed” theory. I thought initially that the fact that J-Lo and Affleck weren’t saying anything to each other could be due to the fact that they are in a fight, but it might even be that they just don’t want to give the paparazzi anything substantial in the video.

Ben should’ve thought of that before he went and made another accidental “Affleck Stressed” meme. I do kind of feel for the guy though, I would be tired of people filming my each and every move too if I were him.

Take a look at the video below, captioned:

“That man looks STRESSED” 

Like the tweet mentioned earlier, somebody get Ben Affleck a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and a cigarette as quickly as possible.

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