Mullet-On-Mullet Sucker Punch Turns High School Baseball Handshake Line Into Chaos

Baseball fight

Mullets are definitely all the way back, but like two sheriffs in an old western, sometimes the mullets say “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us.”

That is, if Mullets could talk…

This high school baseball player sporting a mullet let his fists do the talking in a handshake line following the conclusion of a baseball game.

His sucker punch made contact with another mullet, which makes this the biggest crime against the haircut since Billy Ray Cyrus tried to pull it off in the 1990’s.

Turns out the stakes were pretty high for this baseball game in Oklahoma, as the Oklahoma (Christian School) Saints took on the Bethel (High School) Wildcats in the regional playoffs.

With a trip to the state tournament on the line, the two teams played each other in the winner’s bracket on a neutral site, with the Saints beating the Wildcats 6 to 5.

However, the baseball regional playoff system is double elimination, and Bethel ended up winning their next two games, which set up a rematch with the Christian school only two days later.

So this makes a little bit more sense. The team have a little bit of a history with one another.

One of the teams is entering in through the winner’s bracket, while the Bethel Wildcats scraped and clawed their way back into contention through the loser’s bracket. Whoever wins the game goes to the state tournament, while the other goes home.

When the two teams met for the second time, the Saints once again came out on top and sent the resilient Bethel team home after making it to the title game through the loser’s bracket. Thus, bad blood was present, culminating in a cheap shot sucker punch.

As the two teams walked through the post game handshake line, the Saint’s blonde mulleted (I don’t think that is a word) catcher walked through the line first.

Though one of the players in white for the Wildcats chose not to shake the catcher’s hand, things were going on normally until a non-uniformed member of the Bethel team (who also rocks a mullet) planted his foot and threw a staggering knockout punch.

Can it be considered a knockout punch if it doesn’t actually knock the other person out? Only reason I called it that is because it looks like it should’ve knocked out the kid with the blonde mullet, but he ended up taking it like a champ.

His mullet must have protected him, or at least countered the weight of the punch to allow him to stay up, because the Saints’ catcher retreated back to safety as the mullet-wearing-mullet-puncher from the other team continued after him.

In the video, parents and other spectators can be heard booing the young man who threw the punch and yelling to get him out of here.

What’s the old saying? If you can’t beat em’, punch em’?

I don’t think that’s right, but it does go along with the shocking video below:

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