Patrick Mahomes Is Getting Flamed For The Way He Pronounced “Louisville” At The Kentucky Derby

Patrick mahomes

Tough week to be a Mahomes.

If there is one thing about being in the South, you must make sure you pronounce city names right, or you WILL get called on it.

Yesterday during the running of the 149th Kentucky Derby, Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes had the honor of calling the riders in the paddock for “Riders Up.”

A huge honor to be a part of this ceremony, but Mahomes fumbled the pronunciation of the city Churchhill Downs is located in… Louisville, Kentucky.

Shortly after the riders took their mounts, spectators of the derby took to social media to share their feelings about how he said it, including the official Kentucky Derby TikTok.

@kentuckyderby Replying to @Cierra No matter how you say it, Louisville is Derby City. 🐎🌹 How do you say it? #louisvillekentucky #pronounciation #patrickmahomes ♬ original sound – kentuckyderby

Fans commented ALL over this TikTok, giving props to Yung Gravy for knowing how to say Louisville the correct way.

And honestly, props to whoever runs the Derby’s social media accounts because they were READY with the mini-mic to create this quality content.

Twitter shared no mercy with Mahomes either.

Just as the Derby noted in their caption:

“No matter how you say it, Louisville is Derby City.”

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