Musically Inclined Squirrel Enjoys “Dinner & Saxophone Show” In The Park


This has to be the “highest class” squirrel I’ve ever seen.

You may think of squirrels as just another wild rodent, but think again. This little creature is highly sophisticated and enjoys the musings of a good, old fashioned saxophone solo.

Is this squirrel’s favorite musical artist Kenny G? I cannot confirm that, but it might be very likely that this little guy either a) lives in Kenny G’s yard or b) lives in a tree on the property of a saxophone player or listener.

It could also be the fact that is a “city squirrel” with no fear whatsoever. If you are used to being around “rural squirrels” (say that three times fast), you might not be familiar with the fearlessness and careless attitude of the squirrels in the concrete jungle.

However, you can’t help but notice that this particular squirrel seems to really be enjoying the saxophone playing.

The video picks up with the squirrel snacking on an acorn with the saxophonist already playing, so we don’t get to see how this scene played out (which is very important, at least to me).

Was the person playing the saxophone and the squirrel came up to them with the snack in hand?

Or was the squirrel approached by the saxophone player, yet decided to stay because it liked what it heard?

We unfortunately might never know how the whole thing came to be, but we do know that this squirrel is getting “dinner and a sax show” and is absolutely loving it.

The squirrel munches on his acorn, then occasionally stops and really takes the music in. The small animal takes another bite of its dinner from time to time as it stays 100% locked in to the saxophone performance.

I’m surprised we don’t see its little foot tapping to the beat.

Its unclear whether or not the musician is playing an actual song or just riffing, but we know for sure that this squirrel will be bringing its significant other back to this exact spot for a romantic evening.

The solo gives off big “ambient background at Olive Garden” vibes.

This video shows that squirrel really only want two things: a good enough stash of acorns to get them through the winter and the musical stylings that only a saxophone can truly deliver.

Watch the musical squirrel enjoy its dinner and its personal concert below:

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