Coyote Sneaks Into California Home Through Doggie Door, Gets Spooked By House Cat

coyote house cat

I’ve heard of having a guard dog before, but a guard cat?

Well one coyote came face to face with a guard cat when he entered a California home through the doggie door, only to stop in its tracks after being greeted by the hissing feline.

Security camera footage shows the coyote backing away after the cat jumped up on a chair and began meowing at hissing at the intruder.

The homeowner, Mia Shoshan, told KTLA 5 that her brother was sleeping in the house when he heard the doggie door open. But when he realized that his dogs were in the room with him, he was curious as to what had just came into his house, so he went to investigate.

That’s when he ran into the unwelcome visitor, which had apparently had enough excitement for one night and ran back out the way it came in.

As for the cat, Shoshan says that 14-year old Lily was shaken up by their unexpected company, and has been resting up from all the excitement.

Wildlife experts told KTLA that the encounter is likely due to humans expanding their footprint into areas that the wildlife formerly used as their home, as well as people who leave food out for wild animals at nearby parks, reducing the wildlife’s fear of humans.

Well this coyote may not be afraid of humans, but that cat sure stopped him cold.

Good job protecting the home, Lily. My dog would have been hunkered down in her crate if that thing came into our house.


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