Two Black Bears Brawl It Out Right In Front Of Trail Cam

Bears in the woods

When you typically put out trail cameras, it’s typically just an opportunity to scope out the massive bucks you may have sitting on your property during deer hunting season.

However, every now and then you’ll find some gems on those trail cameras, as it gives you an opportunity to see what goes on out in the wilderness when creatures know there aren’t humans lurking nearby.

Take this video for instance.

Although the location is uncertain, as the caption doesn’t give much information beside the fact it was caught on a RECONYXX trail camera.

In the video, you see two MASSIVE black bears brawling it out beside a nearby tree. After going at it for a few seconds, they start to stand off each other on their hind legs, as they circle around the tree, waiting for one to attempt to make a fatal move.

According to the Get Bear Smart Society, two bears typically fight in an effort to assert and communicate their dominance.

Typically, bears try to use intimidation by posturing, like you see with the bears on their hind legs in this video, but it can often lead to the two brawling it out, to put their money where their mouth is, and prove who is the most dominant.

More than likely, these two were fighting to figure out which one is the leader, or “alpha” bear, if you will.

Check it out:

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