Tom Brady Says He’s NOT Backing Out Of $375 Million Fox Sports Deal: “Fake News”

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Yesterday, we were hit with the bombshell news that Tom Brady may already be backing out of his upcoming retirement job, where he signed a 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox Sports to call football games.

Andrew Marchand, a Sports Media Columnist for the New York Post said on his podcast The Marchand & Ourand Sports Media Podcast:

“It was at 51% that he’s gonna do it to 49% (not), with the reasoning (that) it’s so much money, he’ll try it for a year.

However, I’ve talked to a couple of people recently, and I kind of feel like I’m going more 49% chance he does it, 51% chance he doesn’t.”

Of course, I couldn’t help but think to myself:

“Is Tom Brady coming out of retirement, for the SECOND TIME?”

However, this may not be the case after all.

After Sports Illustrated took to social media to share the news, the future Hall of Fame quarterback was quick to shoot down the alleged rumors, responding in the comments in short and sweet fashion:

“Fake News”

And on top of that, according to TMZ, sources are telling the outlet that Brady has already dived head first into preparing for his new job, even though he’s still 16 months away from starting out.

So, who knows what to believe, but I’m gonna take the word of the man himself.

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