Watch Sierra Ferrell Cover Gordon Lightfoot’s “Redwood Hill”

Sierra ferrell

It has been almost a week since the passing of folk and Americana icon Gordan Lightfoot.

I know I have been engulfed in his discography these past few days, deep diving into his lyrics and appreciating the artistry behind his work. With that, of course, come videos on my suggested page of some fantastic artists covering his works.

One of my favorites that has surfaced is from Sierra Ferrell.

Her Appalachian-rooted folk sound perfectly suits covering a Lightfoot tune, and this stripped-down version of “Redwood Hill” is damn good.

Although this performance took place before his passing, it shows the significance of his sound’s impact on these artists rooted more in traditional folk sound.

Lightfoot’s original recording features a much more upbeat picking style tempo, but the melancholy lyrics of crying in the rain during heartbreak are not covered by the deceiving melody.

Sierra Ferrell’s version is much more stripped down, but just as beautiful. The lack of melody shows a softness in the lyrics and shows the heartache the words carry.

Of course, Ferrell’s vocals highlight Appalachian twang effortlessly and do Lightfoot’s lyrics justice.

No one can compare the influence that Lightfoot had on this genre’s sound, but it is sure that today’s artists and other folk artists to come will see through his legacy living on.

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