Oklahoma Fisherman Snags World Record Bighead Carp, But It Won’t Count

Carp catch
Gabe Brannick

Tell me, is this good?

Last week, Oklahoma angler Gabe Brannick set out with High Water Guide Service to fish for some paddlefish on the Neosho River.

However, this guided trip quickly turned into one Brannick will never forget…

Because he reeled in a MASSIVE 110.1 pound bighead carp, which ordinarily would be good enough to earn him an IGFA world record, however, because he snagged it while looking for paddlefish, it won’t count. The world record doesn’t recognize snagging as a method of catch according to Field & Stream.

And on top of that, he blew the previous record out of the water by 20 pounds.

High Water Guide Service shared in a Facebook post:

“Pending Oklahoma State Record Big Head Carp!

This beast came in at 110.1 lbs!

These fish pack a lot of fight and this one was like pulling the plug out of the river. We caught this fish just north of Twin Bridges. As of right now we are pursuing the state record for Oklahoma.

This can potentially be the World Record for rod and reel! I need more information on that if anybody has it. We also landed a giant 94.2 lb big head the next day!”

Definitely a trip that Brannick will be talking about for the rest of his life.

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