Colter Wall Signs Onto Partnership Deal Between Current Independent Label La Honda Records, And Major Label RCA Records

Colter Wall country music
Courtesy of RCA Records

Colter Wall has a new album on the way and a new partnership deal.

He recently announced his new studio album Little Songs is coming on July 14th, and yesterday, major label RCA Records announced a new deal between them and Wall with his current independent label, La Honda Records.

I’d hesitate to call it a record deal in the traditional sense, as this is more of a partnership and distribution deal than anything else.

Wall is not leaving his former label, and likely retains ownership of the music and a certain level of creative control with La Honda, which would likely be the reason he didn’t go all-in with RCA:

It sounds similar to what Cody Johnson did when he inked a deal in 2018 with his personally-owned record label Cojo Music and Warner Music Nashville, which helps mostly with distribution and obviously getting his music and name out there on a much larger platform.

Most of the details of the deal with Colter have not been revealed yet, though La Honda did provide a little bit of insight on what the partnership really means, saying on Instagram that RCA will be helping them release the music, starting with the aforementioned new album in July:

Colter previously released the lead single, a cover of  Hoyt Axton’s “Evangelina,” saying of the record as a whole that it reflects his feelings of home in Canada:

“These songs were written over the last three years. I penned most of them from home and I think the songs reflect that.”

I hardly think this means Colter is “selling out” or anything of that nature, and it’s actually exciting to think how many new fans he will probably gain through this new deal.

From his deep cutting songwriting, to the distinct, almost haunting vocals, Colter Wall is truly one of a kind when it comes to country and western music, and this next project promises to be one of the best released in 2023.

Little Songs tracklist:

Prairie Evening/Sagebrush Waltz
Standing Here
Corralling the Blues
The Coyote & The Cowboy
Honky Tonk Nighthawk
For a Long While
Cow/Calf Blue Yodel
Little Songs
The Last Loving Words


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