Colossal 15-Foot Python Slithers Across Road In Viral Video From Florida

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This viral video of a python crossing the road in Everglades National Park was posted on Instagram this past January by a woman named Kymberly Clark, who I can safely say is more brave than I am.

I’m not necessarily scared of snakes, but you would not have seen me get out of the RV on this one.

Probably would have just let the snake be and cross the road, even though I know pythons are considered to be an invasive species in Florida (of course this happened in Florida).

In the video, those who were in the recreational vehicle traveling down the road get out to approach the snake. That’s why you’ll hear Siri in the video telling the person behind the camera to “proceed to the route.” The caption even says:

“No, Siri, we don’t want to proceed to the route! My friends and I started the New Year off with a bang! So many incredible wildlife sightings!

Yeah Siri, they are trying to, but this massive 15-foot python was holding up traffic.

As the people walk towards the snake, the intimidating creature turns its head to one side of the road and begins to slither back into the Florida everglades. The long body of the python slowly reaches the grass and the video cuts off.

You can hear Kymberly Clark ask one of her friends to “pick it up,” which was hopefully just a joke. It seems like it might not be considering what was revealed in the caption of the post.

Clarks caption reads:

“I will post them this week, but here’s my favorite: A 15+ foot Burmese Python crossing the road in Everglades National Park. We pinned the location and reported it, as they are a huge threat to our ecosystem.

Volume up to hear me ask my friend to pick it up! It’s probably good he didn’t, because it didn’t go well last week when a non-venomous Yellow Rat Snake bit him.”

I wonder if Clark told her friend to pick up the non-venomous snake that bit him too…

Anyways, watch the terrifyingly large python crossing the road below:

Why did the Florida Python cross the road?

To continue to be “one of the most intractable invasive-species management issues across the globe,” according to a U.S. Geological Survey reported by the New York Times.

Not as funny of a joke as you were expecting, huh?

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