Pro-Wrestler’s Stunt Goes Off The Rails When His Face Catches On Fire


We all know pro wrestling is all about entertainment, and is full of scripted fights with wild wrestling moves that will make your whole body cringe in pain, even if you’re watching from a TV screen.

And of course, that’s why we love watching it, because you never know what you’re gonna get next.

Will somebody get hit over the head with a chair? Will a celebrity get fake punched in the face? Or, will somebody actually catch on fire?

Speaking of that third example, this actually happened back on April 22nd, when the wrestler known as MASADA was competing in an Xtreme Pro Wrestling deathmatch in California.

First off, “deathmatch?” The irony couldn’t be anymore incredible.

We all know nobody is going to die in these fights, but my guy MASADA was real close to meeting his maker while performing one of his stunts.

Video footage captured MASADA attempting to breath fire, which of course is one of the most intimidating stunts you can pull, regardless if you already know what the outcome of the fight is going to be.

Next thing you know, things go south QUICK when all of a sudden the wrestler’s whole face is engulfed in flames.

You can immediately see MASADA go into full panic mode, as he tries to put out the flames on his face, and appears to run out of the arena.

Surprisingly enough, the wrestler was able to return to the match and finish it off, but TMZ obtained some photos of some brutal first and second-degree burns he suffered, and had to get treated at the hospital.

Check it out:

Needless to say, the damage was pretty severe:

Here’s an alternate angle:

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A beer bottle on a dock