Tyler Childers Lays Down Phenomenal Renditions of “Healing Hands Of Time” & “Time Of The Preacher” For Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday

Tyler Childers country music

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At this point, I am so jealous of anyone in the crowd of Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday celebration last night and those who have tickets for night two.

Tyler Childers brought the heat to the Hollywood Bowl during his performance, bringing to the stage selections from Willie’s albums Country Willie: His Own Songs and Red Headed Stranger.

Childers was introduced to the stage with a small blurb about how Nelson has impacted the lives and sound of many artists taking the stage throughout the evening… including Childers.

“One of the artists that looks to Willie as an example of true courage is Tyler Childers.” 

Tyler Childers’ song selection of “Healing Hands Of Time,” followed by “Time Of The Preacher,” was spot on.

“It’s good to be here. Happy Birthday, Willie.” 

He says as he walks out on stage.

As he starts with the somber “Healing Hands Of Time,” the crowd is quiet and dialed in on the words that Childers is singing. The song is slow, and Childers takes his time to nail the vocals and show off the talent of his band.

The performance is careful and beautiful.

Childers takes a second between tunes before he goes into “Time Of The Preacher,” a song he has performed quite a few times over the years. This song also aligns with the gospel sound we’ve come to expect from Tyler Childers as of late.

And he lets the vocals rip during this song. It’s just a phenomenal cover, to say the least.

When he gets to the line:

And he cried like a baby, And he screamed like a panther, In the middle of the night…”

Childers ramps up his vocals and belts out the line for the first time through… you can feel it in your soul.

No surprise here that Tyler Childers was going to put on a hell of a performance, his stage presence is unmatched these days.

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