Lauren Watkins Presents Unique, Original And Country As Hell Self-Titled Debut EP

Lauren Watkins country music
Claire Schaper

I have been absolutely loving Lauren Watkins’ debut singles.

On the heels of signing a deal with Big Loud Records/Songs & Daughters, the Nashville native released two brand new tunes last week, “Camel Blues” and “Shirley Temple.”

And today, she’s delivering her big label debut EP Introducing: Lauren Watkins, and it is as country, and as honest, as it gets.

Lauren is a fantastic songwriter, and I think you will get a great feel for who she is with these seven songs, which are as unique and original as she is.

In this industry, it’s hard to stand out (especially for the right reasons), and this batch of songs certainly make a statement that she’s okay embracing every part of who she is… the good, the bad, and the ugly that most of us would never really want to admit to the world.

As she tells the compelling stories of living life and being a woman in her 20’s just trying to figure it all out, Lauren says she just hopes they resonate with people and give them a glimpse of who she is as both an artist and a person:

“These are the seven songs I felt like everyone should hear first. I hope they really resonate with people and make them feel a certain way, even if it’s just making them want to have a good time!

Thank you for the love already – we’ve got so much more to show you.”

And part of what makes these songs so damn good is that Lauren wrote them with some of the best writers in Nashville, including Nicolle Galyon, Shane McAnally, Rodney Clawson and ERNEST, among others.

She also added that it’s “surreal” that they’re all finally out, adding that she cares “so much about songwriting and country music,” which feels all the more authentic and true after you listen to the whole EP:

“It’s surreal to think about people hearing what I’ve been working on for the past couple years.

I care so much about songwriting and country music. I feel lucky to share my take on both with you today.”

I’ve included some of my personal favorites below, starting with “Sleeping In My Makeup,” which she wrote with Tofer Brown, Lauren Hungate and Meg McRee.

She details how she’s become “a dive-bar-shit-show downward spiral” in the wake of a breakup, which leads to her drinking too much tequila, getting drunk and “sleeping in her makeup.”

For me, it’s the standout on this project, and I’ve been blasting at max volume it all day long… but do yourself a favor and check out the whole EP, because I promise, you will not be disappointed.

In fact, you’ll probably love every bit of it…

“Sleeping In My Makeup”

“Grain Of Salt”

“Ole Miss”

“Dark Places”

Introducing: Lauren Watkins tracklist:
1. Sleeping In My Makeup (Lauren Watkins, Tofer Brown, Lauren Hungate, Meg McRee)
2. Camel Blues (Lauren Watkins, Jonathan Gamble, Lauren Hungate, Matt Morrisey)
3. Anybody But You (Lauren Watkins, Rodney Clawson, Mark Holman, Ernest Keith Smith)
4. Grain of Salt (Lauren Watkins, Andrew DeRoberts, Lauren Hungate)
5. Shirley Temple (Lauren Watkins, Nicolle Galyon, Meg McRee)
6. Ole Miss (Lauren Watkins, Adam James, Mikey Reaves)
7. Dark Places (Lauren Watkins, Shane McAnally, Caroline Watkins)

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