Lauren Watkins Makes A Statement With Debut Singles, “Camel Blues” & “Shirley Temple”

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Claire Schaper

Lauren Watkins is making a statement.

The Nashville born singer/songwriter just signed to Big Loud Records/Songs & Daughters, and she’s kicking it off with two stellar singles, “Camel Blues” and “Shirley Temple.”

Watkins admitted that these were the two songs that she wanted the world to hear first:

“‘Camel Blues’ and ‘Shirley Temple’ had to be the first songs I put out. They’re both confessions, one owns up to jealousy and the other owns up to smoking cigarettes.

That shock factor honesty said sweetly is what I have always admired in classic country lyricism. I want my own songs to have that feel to them, and I’m hoping we captured that with the first two that we’re showing the world today.”

In “Camel Blues,” Watkins confesses to her habit of smoking cigarettes, and is a representation of her younger days that still comes out every now and then:

“I wrote ‘Camel Blues’ about a younger version of me… who might still show up every once in a while. I remember smoking cigarettes on the patio of one of my favorite college bars or being stressed out and just wanting to drive around with a cigarette and a gas station coffee.

There’s something nostalgic about it to me, and I think the song encompasses that. It’s just about gettin’ the blues and needing a way to cope.”

And for “Shirley Temple,” it’s a good ol’ fashioned waltz, where she delivers a great play on words with the iconic drink. Discussing the song, Watkins says:

“Shirley Temple is one of my favorite songs I’ve written. It’s just a classic song about jealousy. You want someone you can’t have. As much as we don’t wanna admit it, I think most of us have been there.

I’m glad Nicolle Galyon and Meg McRee were willing to go there with me the day we wrote it.”

Give ’em a listen:

“Camel Blues”

“Shirley Temple”

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