Cross Country Runner Gets Absolutely Rocked By A Deer During A Race

Deer track

An obvious charge…

That deer didn’t hold up one bit. Imagine being in race mode, focused on passing the person in front of you, when out of nowhere a deer completely ruins your day.

Whitetail deer are medium-sized mammals, with mature adults typically standing between 2.5 to 3.5 feet at the shoulder and weighing between 100 to 300 pounds.

They are also extremely fast runners, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. And they are excellent jumpers, capable of clearing obstacles up to 8 feet high. These skills were developed to evade the many predators that are chasing them from the day they are born to the day they die.

Being the prey of many things, deer are often very careful around people. Usually, they stay far away from people unless they have become habituated. Interactions with deer are common solely because they are the most common large mammal in North America.

This deer didn’t shy away from this man though, she actually did the opposite.

A cross country race is seen underway at Gwynedd Mercy University, a private Roman Catholic university in Lower Gwynedd Township, Pennsylvania, as a large group of people are running along the edge of a field.

You notice a group of deer running over as if they want to join the race.

“Watch out for the deer!”

Too late…

A deer is seen running into the side of the unexpecting competitor, and the man just gets rocked. Feet off the ground, it looked like an open ice hit in a hockey game. He looks around without a clue as to what just happened.

That had to hurt…

Head on a swivel in deer country, folks.

Herd Of Deer Stampede Across The Road

Imagine this…

You’ve worked an okay job for years. It’s not your passion, but it’s alright. Most of all it pays the bills, actually pays pretty well so you’ve been saving up. Ever since you were a kid you’ve had your eye on a BMW 5 Series, and finally, after years staring at a computer and sucking up to your boss, you have enough to pull the trigger and you get your new pride and joy.

Excited to get on the road, you decide to take it down some backroads and look at the trees.

Hell, maybe you’ll even see a deer.

Well, as cute as one deer may be, a herd of them? Not so much…

A few years back, a dashboard camera caught this exact situation (okay, I made up the part about saving up for the car, but come on it makes the story better) and let me tell you, these deer were NOT fans of the BMW…

Did you know deer could jump this high? Man, I had no clue they had Dr. J hops, that guy got right up on the roof of the car and came down with some power.

Poor 5 Series never had a chance.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the ordeal, but I’d bet there were some marks that weren’t going to buff out easily.

Some of the comments said the video was taken in Upper Michigan, but based on the license plate and the kind of deer, it looks like it’s somewhere in Europe.

Either way alert out there, folks… especially in your BMW.

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