Moose Calf Attacks Wildlife Researcher Releasing Her In Maine

Moose attack


I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to catch a kick from the largest member of the deer family. These things are massive, even when they are young.

Maine is home to a large population of moose. The average adult bull moose in Maine stands around 6 feet tall at the shoulder and weighs between 900 and 1,500 pounds.

Moose calves are born in the late spring and early summer and they are small in comparison to their parents. A newborn moose calf weighs only around 25 pounds and is only about 3 feet tall. However, within a few weeks, they begin to grow rapidly and by the end of their first year, they can weigh up to 300 pounds and stand around 5 feet tall.

Moose are not typically aggressive toward humans. They can become aggressive if they feel threatened or if they are protecting their young. Moose are most commonly encountered by humans on the roads, and collisions between cars and moose are not uncommon in Maine.

Even though they are not typical aggressive, they are one the most dangerous animals out there due to their massive size. Their legs are long and give devastating kicks backed by their heavy weight.

This calf moose is seen being released by a wildlife researcher. As he frees it, the moose turns and takes out all of its rage on the man.

He takes a step back and falls over, the moose is quickly on him with a flurry of kicks.

“Oh, you’re a mean little girl”

The man protects himself as he takes another on slot of kicks.

He then drops a wild quote that lets you know this ain’t his first rodeo.

“First time I ever got beat up by a baby moose”

Clearly, he has had similar run ins with adults…

He eventually scares the young moose off and lives to tell the tale.

The life of a wildlife researchers.

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