Baseball Legend Wade Boggs Confirms He Drank 73 Beers On One Flight: “Then It Went To 107”

Wade Boggs MLB

When it comes to the all-time great baseball players for the Boston Red Sox, Wade Boggs is right up there with them.

The former star third baseman is a 12 time All-Star, a first ballot Hall of Famer, and he’s received just about every accolade you possibly can in the MLB.

And of course, he had one of the most recognizable looks in all of baseball with his iconic stache.

However, little did I know that Boggs was more than a champion at baseball…

He’s a champion at beer drinking too.

Rumors have whirled around for years that Boggs once drank more than 60 beers while on one single flight.

When I first heard the rumor, my first thought was:

“Alright, there’s absolutely no way.”

I mean c’mon, if I ever make it through a case I’m absolutely dead to the world, but 60+ beers? How did he not end up in a coffin?

Well, Boggs sat down for an interview with Outkick’s Gunz, where he indeed confirmed the event actually happened…

And to make it more impressive, he said it was actually 73 beers.

Boggs recalled:

“It was on one of those flights from Boston to LA, and playing blackjack on the plane with a bunch of guys and just started. And actually didn’t know one of the guys was counting, and he says ‘Boggsy did you realize you’re about at 45 right now?’

And I think we had another hour to go on the flight and I said ‘Oh wow, really? Okay.’ So we ended up with 73 for the flight, and then we just went out and had a good time in California, so went to 107.

So that was the one day, and the next day got a post, Mark Langston was pitching and went 2-3 for two doubles off of him, so like they say in Hollywood the rest is history.”

I’m baffled. Not only did he consume 73 beers in one flight, but THEN went out after they got to LA and ended the night with 107…


Some are just built different.

Of course, the epic story turned into an incredible plot line for an episode of Always Sunny In Philadelphia, where the gang honors Wade by trying to equal his legendary beer-drinking record.

Featuring an appearance from ol’ Wade himself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock