Alligator Pops Out Of The Swamp Chasing A Mudfish That Fisherman Had Just Reeled In


Sheesh, these alligators aren’t messing around.

We’ve seen some big ones roaming around throughout residential areas all through the Sunshine State, and they seem to be getting less afraid of human interaction.

And if we needed another example, here it is.

Here we have a couple of teenagers fishing at the Okefenokee swamp, on the Florida-Georgia line (No, not the band).

They were fishing for mudfish (most commonly known as bowfin), and one of the fisherman had him one on the ground after it flopped off his line. But as he approached the fish, all of a sudden an alligator made its way out of the swamp, looking to get its dinner back.


In an effort to get the gator back into the swamp, the guy tosses the fish back in, hoping the creature would go back for it…

But after turning around for a brief second, it decided to turn right back towards the fishermen.

You can see one of the guys in the background teasing the gator to come for him, but my God, you best believe I would’ve been out of there in a heartbeat.

Perhaps the best part of the video is the commentary from the woman and the child who are watching the event unfold.

You can hear the woman say:

“Jesus Christ.”

And the child says:

“Those stupid alligators for real.”


“They don’t care buddy.”

Amen to that. Amen.

Check it out:

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