Lainey Wilson Is Submitting “Smell Like Smoke,” Which Was Featured On ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5, For Emmy Consideration

Lainey Wilson country music
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Lainey Wilson could be an Emmy award winner in the near future.

According to Variety, she revealed that the song will be submitted to the Emmys for consideration in the outstanding music and lyrics category.

Of course, it was first featured on the Season 5 premiere of the hit Paramount series Yellowstone, and she told the outlet that it:

“Centers around four pillars that make ‘Yellowstone’ what it is — cowboys, heartbreak, self-assurance and faith.

Derek came up with the signature guitar lick at the beginning of the song and tracked the original demo, while Monty and I fiddled around with lyrics and Lynn steered the melodies.”

We now know it’s likely that the hit series will end with the second half of Season five, which has yet to begin filming, but it’s been really cool to watch Lainey as a character this season.

She plays a musician named Abby on the show, and of course, has absolutely blown up over the last several months with this role, as well as her butt going mega viral all over the internet.

Lainey also released an album called Bell Bottom Country at the end of last year, which this song was added to after the Yellowstone premiere, as well.

A co-write by Lainey along with Monty Criswell, Derek George and Lynn Hutton, Lainey added that she felt like it was the perfect song that encapsulates the spirit of the Dutton women, including Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Monica (Kelsey Asbille):

“We thought a song about owning tough times in a proud, matter-of-fact, light-hearted way would tie in well with the way the show makes the down-and-dirty look sexy and fun.”

And I couldn’t agree with her more there, as “Smell Like Smoke” is all about having fun, getting rowdy and letting loose, even if you’re a little tired and worn from the trip:

“If I I look a little drunk, it’s ’cause I drank some
If my neck’s a little red, it’s ’cause I am one
Heaven’s where I’m gonna go, the Bible says so on my shelf
But if I smell like smoke, it’s only ’cause I’vе been through hell”

I mean, Lainey Wilson: Emmy-Award winning country artist sure has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Gonna go turn this one up now…

“Smell Like Smoke”

The 75th Emmy Awards are slated for September 18th, 2023 at 8:00 PM EDT on ABC, and the full list of 2023 nominees will be revealed on July 12th.

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