Alabama Dock Owner Arrested After Threatening Fishermen With A Gun: “You’re A Pitiful Excuse Of A Human Being”

Dock owner

Oh man, this almost got ugly.

It all went down on March 18th in Camden, Alabama, during the Fisher’s of Men bass fishing tournament on Millers Ferry, according to Wired2Fish.

As you can see in the video, a group of fishermen are relatively close to a man’s boat dock, and the man who just so happened to own the dock decided to threaten them with a gun for coming too close to his property.

When it cuts in, you hear the fisherman say:

“I’m not on private property I’m on the water!”

Dock owner:

“You need to go somewhere else fellas, there’s 17,000 acres for you to fish on. This is posted property, you come right up on in here, I seen you turn around, you threw up in my boat slip, thinking you could do something. You’re a damn fool. F*ck you!”


“Dear Lord.”

Dock owner:

“Lord? What Lord are you talking about? If you knew anything you wouldn’t try to be coveting somebody else’s property. That’s number 10 by the way.

I won’t come to your house and break in, because I don’t want anything you have. Think about that, brother!”


“You don’t own this water.”

Dock owner:

“You’re a pitiful excuse of a human being!”

Ah yes, the good ol’ fashioned southeastern threat. Do something illegal and then justify it through scripture.

And it sure turned out to be the dock owner who was in the wrong (shocker there).

The owner was identified as 66-year-old Ronald Morgan, and he was charged with interfering with hunting or fishing per section 9-11-270, as well as menacing.

9-11-270 states:

“No person shall willfully and knowingly prevent, obstruct, impede, disturb, or interfere with, or attempt to prevent, obstruct, impede, disturb or interfere with any person in legally hunting or fishing pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the law of the State of Alabama.”

Unfortunately, this is becoming a more and more common problem among anglers and dock owners.

Check out the heated exchange:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock