Coyote Snatches Up A Possum & Then… Pees On It?

Coyote pee on possum

Didn’t see that coming…

Opossums, commonly referred to as “possums” here in the United States, are marsupials native to North and South America. Most people like to think of possums as ugly, rodent pests due to their rat-like appearance, but they are actually more closely related to kangaroos, koalas and other marsupial species.

With their grayish-white fur, long, pointed snouts, and hairless tails, they are some ugly mf’ers, but they can actually use that tail to grasp onto branches and other objects.

Omnivorous by nature, they will eat a variety of foods, including insects, fruits, vegetables, and small animals. They are nocturnal critters who spend most of their time at night searching for food… which is why you get that nasty surprise when you take your garbage out in the middle of the night.

They are also known for their ability to “play dead” when threatened, which is defense mechanism designed to protect them from predators. It’s not so much as “playing dead” as it is an involuntary response, out of their control.

The possum will fall onto its side, and extend and lock up its limbs like a dead animal. Its eyes will glaze over and it may even emit a disgusting odor, similar to that of a decaying animal, which fool predators into thinking that the possum is already dead and not worth attacking or eating.

However, as much as people hate them, they are quite beneficial to the ecosystem as they help control insect populations, serve as a food source for other animals, and don’t carry many diseases. Due to their rat-like features, it is often thought that possums carry rabies, however that is not the case.

Coyotes on the other hand are a type of canid (dog family) found in North and Central America. They are known for their vocalizations, hunting abilities, and territorial behavior. One way that coyotes establish and maintain their territories is through marking.

As seen here… or so it would seem.

Coyotes use several methods to mark their territory, but one of the most common is scent marking. They use their urine, feces, and anal gland secretions to create distinctive scent markers on rocks, trees, and other objects in their territory.

Here we see a man on what looks like some kind of bulldozer, shooting video of a coyote on the hunt for a possum (whose home he probably just destroyed).

The coyote immediately zeros in on the kill, grabbing the defenseless possum by the neck with its sharp teeth. When the possum’s defensive “play dead” mechanism kicks in, the coyote seems to think twice about its kill.

Thinking the possum may be dead, and probably afraid of the construction equipment, the coyote decides to… piss all over the possum who remains in the fetal position.

Needless to say, the man behind the camera didn’t see that coming and burst out into laughter.

As did I…

Nature, man… always something cool to see.

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