Brawl Breaks Out At Chicago White Sox Game… & Baseball Is Officially BACK

White Sox brawl

Ah, baseball season.

There is so much to love about the ballpark experience. The fresh aroma of a ballpark hotdog. The salesperson walking down the aisle yelling “Peanuts!” Drinking an ice cold beer out of a baseball-bat-shaped cup for $22 a piece.

Oh, and the all-out-brawls that start in the aisles of the stands. I forgot to mention that…

Fans were apparently full of tension at the Chicago White Sox game yesterday, because a full-on knock-down, drag-out occurred right in the middle of the game.

The White Sox were in a tight matchup against the Baltimore Orioles, but all eyes were on this massive fan fight that took place with no security interference in sight.

That’s why the fight video is so long, because no one comes to stop it and the people involved (both men and women) sort of just tucker themselves out. One poor stadium employee shows up towards the end, but I don’t think she was going to have the almighty power needed to stop this fiasco.

The cherry on top of the entire “baseball brawl sundae” is that  “Knuck If You Buck” by Crime Mob is playing through the stadium speakers during the fight, which makes for quite the comic background ambience.

I took the opportunity to rework the classic song synonymous with baseball “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” If you sing it to the same tune and watch the video simultaneously, it makes for quite the viewing experience:

“Take me out to the ballgame
Take me out to the brawl
Swing at full force with no mercy
You’ll be in touch with my injury attorney
So it’s punch, claw, kick in the grandstands
Our parents would be so ashamed
For it’s one, two, three hit K.O.
At the old ballgame..”

Not bad right? Could use some work around the edges, but for the time I took to spit it out, I’m pretty happy with it.

And if the first view of the fight wasn’t good enough for you, fans across the stadium were able to capture vantage points (instead of stepping in) of the all-out-brawl.

As you can see below, it was mostly women throwing hands until the men trying to separate it got heated as well:

Baseball had made a lot of new, exciting changes to the game, but America’s past time will never be as enthralling as a good old fashioned bare knuckle throw down.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock