Guy Uses Hand Sanitizer To Stop Kingsnake From Eating Itself

Snake eats

Can’t say I ever thought I’d see this.

A man named Rob Clark Venitox is a reptile enthusiast of some sort and posted a video a few years back that still has me scratching my head quite a bit.

Apparently, one of the Speckled Kingsnakes that he was raising mistook his own tail for that night’s dinner and began eating itself.

No seriously, it started ingesting itself tail first…

So obviously that’s weird, and I would assume it’s owner (if that’s what Mr. Venitox would call himself) would just attempt to pull the tail out of it’s mouth. Not something I would want to do, but hey, snakes come with some responsibility.

But he doesn’t do that.

Instead, he grabs some hand sanitizer and slaps a glob on the snakes head. It immediately starts regurgitating itself (never thought I’d type those words) and just like that, things are back to normal.

According to his commentary in the video, he did this because they don’t like the taste of hand sanitizer.

But how in the hell do you know that?

Have you tried to feed these crawlers Purell before? Did a bunch get into a batch one night and wake up with food poisoning? Did you try to brush their teeth with it?

Honestly, I need to know this and have spent way too much time thinking over possible scenarios than is good for me.

Regardless, great job getting a snake to not eat itself. I think it’s time to get away from this part of the internet…


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A beer bottle on a dock