Former NHL Player Jeff O’Neill Admits To Washing His Crocs In The Dishwasher

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Crocs. You either love them or you hate them.

The divisive shoes were introduced to society back in 2002, and originally they caught the world by storm. Then, as fashion cycles often do, you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of the land-and-water-abled shoes for many years.

However, Crocs have recently come back in full force, and the versatile shoe is worn more proudly now than ever before. Crocs are available in every color you can think of, are incredibly durable, and can be used during any occasion.

They could even be the go-to shoe for yard work, especially if you are former NHL star Jeff O’Neill. Sometimes you have to clean up the Crocs after you put them in “off-road-mode,” and the former hockey player in O’Neill knows just the trick.

The former NHL All Star, who is now a very successful broadcaster, joined The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast and made this shocking Croc-cleaning revelation.

The podcast is hosted by current ESPN analyst and former NHL player Ray Ferraro and broadcaster Darren Dreger, and the pair could hardly keep it together when Jeff O’Niell talked about how boring his life has gotten after he left the sport of hockey and how he has resorted to cleaning his Crocs:

“I put my Crocs in the dishwasher to clean them. That’s how downhill my life is.

Like, I used to be pretty cool, man. Now I garden and put my Crocs in the dishwasher.”

Who would’ve thought to do this? I don’t happen to be a frequent Croc wearer, but for those that are, do you do this? I’ve washed a ball cap before in the dishwasher, so I guess it makes sense to throw the revolutionary, indestructible Croc into the high-heat kitchen appliance.

But wouldn’t you worry a bit about the Crocs melting or something? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem right to wash something you wear on your feet that close to things that you use to eat (hey that rhymed).

To make matters worse, O’Neill provided a video of his white Crocs in the dishwasher and showed off his fashionable add-ons to the shoe. He said to Ferraro and Dreger:

“I got the little things that you put in the holes (of the Crocs) that my kids gave to me. So it’s quite a scene.”

O’Neill had zero regrets and no remorse when telling the story on the podcast, so props to him.

You also need to have zero regrets and no remorse to be able to proudly wear Crocs around, so maybe trading in his ice skates for the patented “croslite” molded Crocs has gifted him with the “I don’t give a damn” attitude.

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