Dave Ramsey Is Utterly (& Hilariously) Disgusted With 29-Year-Old Couple Who Has Nearly $1,000,000 In Debt

Dave Ramsey

Personal finance expert and radio personality Dave Ramsey has been giving people tips on spending money for years. Whether he is discussing it over the radio or writing a self-help book, it seems by this point that Ramsey has seen it all.

That is until a recent episode of The Ramsey Show, in which the finance guru was baffled at the financial situation a young couple found themselves in.

The usually cool and collected Ramsey who can find a solution for any money problem was floored by what the 29-year-old had to say about her and her husband’s debt.

And of course, Ramsey is a “no debt” guy, so the faces Dave Ramsey makes in the viral clip are absolute gold.

The clip starts out with the caller explaining just how deep in the hole they are:

“We have probably just under $1,000,000 in debt and we want to know how to get debt-free without filing for bankruptcy.”

Ramsey, who literally talks money and budgeting for a living, could barely wrap his head around the staggering amount.

The caller explains that a portion of the debt is a mortgage towards their home, but that still left for quite a bit of money to bridge the rest of the gap to the $1 million mark. Dave asks:

“So you have $600,000 in what?”

The caller responds:

“$335,000 is about…in student loans. We both have advanced degrees and then a lot…the rest is really credit cards and personal loans.”

Dave double checked with the caller just to make sure that he heard the number of $300,000 in credit cards and personal loans right.

He then responded how any normal person would, with one of the most dumfounded looks you’ll ever see Dave Ramsey display:

“So what in the world?”

The caller goes on to talk about (and tries to justify) the debt that the couple has accrued as a young couple in their late 20’s to early 30’s. Ramsey puts his face in his palm when the caller says that she and her husband both work for the government.

After revealing their household income, Ramsey is astonished at how the couple has managed to rack up so much debt. He asks the question that every person that has seen this clip is asking themselves:

“Um, is there recognition on both your parts how absurd the situation is?”

Watch the viral video (and pay close attention to the various facial expressions of Ramsey) below:

The Twitter account also includes parts 2 and 3 of the conversation in the thread, where Ramsey tries to help coach the caller through a plan to get out from underneath their massive debt.

Ramsey informs the caller that in order to achieve financial freedom once again, the couple is going to hate Ramsey and they’ll very likely hate their own lives for a while.

I recommend watching the whole thing and taking it in as if it were a financial based episode of Beyond Scared Straight. 

The whole thing definitely makes me feel better about my financial situation, so there’s another reason to watch the next two parts.

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