Ward Davis Announces ‘Sunday Morning’ EP Is Dropping Next Month

Ward Davis country music

New music is coming soon from Ward Davis.

He shared on Instagram earlier that his new EP, Sunday Morning, will be out everywhere next month on May 19th.

Ward released a live album Live From an Undisclosed Location in Hays Kansas last year, and teamed up with Cody Jinks on a kickass cover of Clint Black’s “Nothing’s News,” as well, but it’s been quite a while since we’ve had an official project like this from the Arkansas native.

And if you’re not familiar with his work, Ward is as country as it gets, keeping that traditional country/southern rock sound alive and well as one of the best independent country artists in the game right now.

He shared the news with a funny caption referencing the movie E.T., with the EP cover and title, on his Instagram page:

“My favorite movie is EP, the extra perestrial. Not sure why spell check won’t fix it but okay. Word is, we are going to have a for real EP land on Earth May 19th.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like. That’s what my manager told me anyway. iPhone home baby! Presave link in bio.”

Definitely mark this one on the calendar…

Check out his most recent single “Another Bad Apple” while you’re here too:

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