LSU Coach Brian Kelly Still Denies He Faked A Bizarre Southern Accent: “That’s The Stupidest Thing To Try & Do”

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Brian Kelly had a great run as the head football coach at Notre Dame, so much so that he was able to move into the helm of the coveted LSU football program.

Though Kelly got off to a rough start, he finished off his first year with the Tigers with a 10-4 record and went 6-2 in the SEC. One of those wins was against Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide, so Kelly is sure to have secured his job for the next couple of seasons.

However, despite all the success he had in his first year down in the bayou, he’ll never be able to shake (or escape) this weird, fake southern accent that he attempted when he was announced as the new head coach at an LSU basketball game:

After moving to LSU unexpectedly (he left Notre Dame when the Fighting Irish still had a chance to make the college football playoff), he opened up by inexplicably faking a southern accent. I guess he wanted to feel the part and seem authentic to the South, even though he had coached mostly in the Midwest.

He has been asked about the fake accent multiple times, but now that time has passed, the guys on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast were hoping he would finally open up more about it. Kelly talked about in the interview how he has gotten comfortable coaching in the SEC, but the two hosts really just wanted to ask him about the southern accent fiasco.

When they finally asked the LSU coach if he had “faked it until he made it” with the forced southern drawl, Kelly stayed strong and still didn’t admit to any wrongdoing:

“No. Who would do that? That’s the stupidest thing to try and do.

Listen, when you have a Boston accent, then you’re in the Midwest, and you go down South, you’re going to be all messed up.”

C’mon Brian Kelly… just admit to it already.

Maybe he will one day, but he seems to be sticking to his story for now… even though nobody is buying it. Kelly went on to talk positively about living in the south and how he is enjoying his time so far with the LSU Tigers.

The full interview from the podcast Bussin’ With The Boys can be viewed here:

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