Air Force Member Goes Viral With Priceless Reaction To Finding Out She’s Been Assigned To North Dakota

Air Force

Ya hate to see it.

With my very little knowledge on the military, I guess learning your assignment can either be like waking up as a kid on Christmas Day, or it can be an absolute nightmare.

You have to think that most service members would much rather be stationed in places like California, Hawaii, or some place beautiful (and warm), and not in the middle of BFE.

Well, unfortunately for this woman in the Air Force, she got placed in BFE, and her reaction to learning this news is absolutely PRICELESS.

The viral TikTok was posted by a user named Callie Green, who wrote:

“POV: you put all overseas in your dream sheet, but the Air Force had other plans.”

Once the other woman, Aneleise Orticelli, sees the name of the base she’s placed at, her excitement turns to complete confusion and utter shock.

Green says:

“I was not expecting that.”

While the poor soul on her way to North Dakota keeps shouting:


@calliegreennfinding out our assignments

♬ original sound – Callie Green

One person said in the comments:

“That NO made me IMMEDIATELY think she got MINOT.”

The Minot Air Force base is located just south of the Canadian border in North Dakota, and is allegedly the most disliked air force base to be assigned to among new servicemembers.

A number of other comments understood the pain:

“That is 100% Grand Forks or Minot! I had the same reaction.”

“I’m Navy and I still guessing Minot!”

“I know a Minot assignment when I see one.”

“This is so Minot.”

“Welcome to Minot. Bring warm clothes. summer is only 2.5 months long.”

“Welcome to the Minot crew. We got two seasons, winter and construction.”

The video has over 15.5 million views to date.

But hey, at least they have a Scandinavian Heritage Park…

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