Sea Turtle Grabs A Bite Of A Jellyfish In Tranquil Underwater Video From Australia

Sea turtle

I could watch ocean videos all day long.

There’s just something about the water, vibrant colors, cool sounds, and the absolute wildest assortment of sea creatures that never gets old.

Whether it’s shark feeding frenzies, beluga whales returning dropped phones, or finding the real life Spongebob and Patrick, you truly just never know what the sea with show you.

While some videos can get scary in a hurry, some are beyond relaxing, almost psychedelic, like this one from Mackay Reef in Queensbury, Australia.

Sea turtles are very impressive creatures. They live for around 80 years (with some estimated live for over 100 years), swim thousands of miles to find nesting ground, and are able to sleep and spend hours underwater without returning to the surface for air. They’re diet depends on the specific type of turtle, but in general they eat sponges, algae, seagrasses, and jellyfish.

But they’re easily best known for their look, which is undoubtedly just cool. Floating in open waters, colorful shells reflecting the sunlight filtering in from the surface, flippers gently but powerfully pushing through the current, it’s no wonder they’re a fan favorite.

In this video, divers were exploring a part of the Great Barrier Reef and noticed a beautiful little sea turtle floating around and decided to get a closer look. As they moved in, a little jellyfish started floating by and we get to see the turtle calmly go and snag a few bites for a midday snack.

It would have been really cool to see this guy gobble the whole thing up, but apparently satisfied after a taste, he goes on about his day, leaving behind a vulnerable jellyfish for the next lucky turtle to swim past.

Also, not hard to see why they eat plastic bags that people carelessly throw into the ocean…

Nature sure can be beautiful.

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