Beluga Whale Returns A Girl’s Phone After She Dropped It In The Ocean

beluga whale phone

These animals are smarter than we ever give them credit.

This seems like something out of a movie, but it’s not… this is how smart a whale can be.

Beluga whales are one of the coolest looking animals on the planet. They are white in color and very easily recognizable.

Of course, whales are very social animals who live in large groups called pods. They are also known to be one of the most vocal whales in the ocean.

This makes them very friendly to humans as well. They are very curious and love to come check out all things human on the surface when they can, but are extremely safe to encounter in terms of wild animals. They will often come right up to people and let them touch them.

The girls were out for a day on the ocean when tragedy struck. One of the women dropped her phone down into the ocean.

Typically, that would be that, there’s no chance of retrieving it.

But, they met the kindest beluga on this day.

The whale is seen coming straight up from the depths, as it gets closer you notice it holding something in its mouth.

It pops up right to the girls on the boat side and hands back the lost phone.

What a kind creature.

This whale literally knew the phone didn’t belong and brought it back.

I’m sure the salt water would have had its way with the phone, but hey, maybe they have a bowl of rice on board.

Regardless of the phone, the whale proves once again why they’re some of the smartest animals in the world.

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