Fishermen Stumble On Massive Shark Feeding Frenzy Off Louisiana Coast

Shark feeding frenzy

Holy smokes…

Fishermen off the coast of Venice, Louisiana stumbled upon a scene straight from a horror movie out on the water last week.

While looking for yellowfin tuna, Dillon May, his girlfriend, and friends saw a large pod of menhaden, a forage fish which many species feed on, and followed it, hoping it would lead to some tuna.

But by the time they reached the school, one of the wildest sights on the open water was playing out before their eyes.

Hundreds of sharks were in the midst of an absolute feeding frenzy; thrashing, chomping, and flailing in every direction to get as much of these tasty little fish as possible.

The sharks were splashing so much that the boat began taking on water. They even pursued the boat for around 10 miles, perhaps thinking the dark underbelly was more fish to eat.

Can you imagine accidently falling overboard while the boat made its way through this madness? You’d be gone in a heartbeat, not even a scrap left.

Wild, just absolutely wild.

The ocean is one scary place.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock