Two Massive Trees Fall Near Patrons at The Masters, Play Is Suspended

masters tree

Severe weather was expected to hit Augusta National Golf Course today, where the 2023 Masters tournament is taking place. Tee times were moved up by 30 minutes today, and it seemed as though the course had dodged most of the storms until a little after 4 o’clock EST.

As play had resumed from a short, 21 minute delay, patrons were back on the grounds watching the world’s best golfers take on the near 7,500 yard golf course. Though the severe weather had subsided, strong winds remained and led to a very scary scene on the 17th hole.

The CBS coverage of the tournament happened to catch video of a massive Georgia pine tree uprooting and falling down on fans that were attending the tournament. The footage is currently circulating social media, and it is very scary to watch.

Those in the area started to hear “cracking” of trees above near the 17th hole, and it was originally reported that only limbs from a couple of trees had fallen. However, this video shows that the large pine tree was uprooted and the trunk actually landed on those who were seated in the area.

The camera was situated just behind the famous 16th hole Par-3 and happened to swing over fast enough to catch the tree fall as many began to hear the “cracking” before it fell.

The announcer shouts out:

“Oh good gracious, watch out!”

You can also hear the other announcer say “holy smokes” as they both hope that everyone is okay.

So far, no one has been reported to be injured, and medical personnel were not seen responding to the area. The tree falling is what caused the delay in play, which marks the second stoppage in play of the second round.

Many players were wondering why play had been suspended as the weather, besides the wind, was not determined to be threatening the safety of the tournament as it resumed. Competitors were quickly updated on the situation near the 17th tee and all were shuttled back to the clubhouse to await further announcements.

Bleacher Report shared these photos of the fallen tree and response to the area:

If it is true that no one was injured in the accident, it is truly a miracle. The area is a popular spot for patrons to watch golfers tee off for the 17th hole. It has also been reported that more than a dozen course maintenance workers are attempting to clear the tree from the tee box/fairway area so that play can resume.

The tournament will do its best to allow for competitors to finish their rounds for today, but with the first weather delay and now this fallen tree suspension, it is likely that many golfers will have to complete their second rounds on Saturday morning.

The weather does not look good for play tomorrow as well, which could lead to the traditional “Master’s Sunday” to spill into Monday.

Master’s Monday? I’m here for it.

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