Ashley McBryde Embraces Her Inner Struggles And Imperfections On New Single, “The Devil I Know”

Ashley McBryde country music

Ashley McBryde just doesn’t miss…

And today, she’s got a great new single out called “The Devil I Know.”

A co-write by Ashley along with Bobby Pinson and Jeremy Stover, she shared a little bit about how it came to be, saying they penned it back in 2020:

“I walked in and sat down with Bobby Pinson and Jeremy Stover August 12, 2020 and THIS song came out.

We’re all the time time hearing somethin’ from somebody who thinks they know what’s best for us. Lose weight, your hair’s too curly, change this, change that.

When things just seems to go better when you trust your own lens to see what’s good for you, stick to the devil you know.”

The subject matter is right in her usual wheelhouse, as she sings about doing what she wants and not worrying about what anyone else thinks.

She encourages the listener to “learn how to like” their brand of hurting, which is a neat little line that caught my ear immediately and I really love:

“A little outside of Elizabethtown
There’s a little bar where I’d sit down
And trade a couple country songs for Kentucky Bourbon
A little ol’ gal in the middle of the night
Learning how to love and learning how to fight
And learning how to like my brand of hurting”

Production-wise, it also has some really interesting and fun tempo changes, and a super catchy melody too. And it goes without saying at this point, but Ashley has such a unique and strong voice that I really don’t think she’s capable of producing a bad song.

Check it out:

Ashley previously released her current single at country radio “Light On In The Kitchen” last month, so hopefully, an official album announcement is coming soon.

Stay tuned…

“Light On In The Kitchen”

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