Yellowstone’s Josh Lucas Thinks John Dutton & Multiple Characters Will Die: “Just The Evolution Of What The Ranch Is”

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It has been a roller coaster past few months for Yellowstone.

First, it was rumored that Kevin Costner was leaving the show due to scheduling conflicts.

Then there were rumors that we may have to wait until November at the earliest to catch the rest of Season Five, and also there may be a spinoff series starring Matthew McConaughey in the works, featuring a lot of the original cast.

Last week, those rumors of a McConaughey spinoff series became true, as they officially confirmed that it was in the works, regardless of how the Costner thing shakes out.

On top of that, Paramount Exec Keith Cox admitted at the PaleyFest this past weekend that they are “very confident” Costner will be returning to the show, and that production for the second half of season five will begin “soon.”

So, it looks like we have both a McConaughey spinoff series, and the rest of Season Five to look forward to here in the future.

But speaking of the McConaughey spinoff series, one actor from Yellowstone recently expressed his excitement for the new series…

And it’s no other than Josh Lucas, who plays young John Dutton on the show.

Lucas expressed his excitement for the new project at PaleyFest this past weekend, telling ET:

“I’m always so fascinated to see what Taylor (Sheridan) is doing as he tells the story.

The thing that moves me or surprises me most is that every time I think something is too crazy or too fantastical, it turns out it’s based on a true story from Taylor’s life or from something that is very close to the cowboys that all of this story is about or the family that he knows he’s telling.

I’m sure he has great ideas how these characters merge together. Part of the mystery of the mind of that creator is waiting for it to be unleashed in a way. Hell yeah. Bring it on.”

It will be interesting to see just where McConaughey will fit in the Dutton family saga.

And in an interview with People, Lucas also believes that John Dutton is going to die at some point in the show, saying he thinks Taylor Sheridan has:

“Always planned on at some point, having Kevin die and having multiple characters die.

And so you know, that’s just the evolution of what the ranch is. That’s why when you see the cemetery and you see the names Elsa and you see the names of Jacob and you see these names, I think it’s of course going to evolve and change.

And I think that’s what hopefully people will really like as it goes.”

Dawn Olivieri (Sarah Atwood) piggy backed off Lucas’ statements, saying:

“I’ve already been killed once. I’m coming back to life. It happens to the best of us. I don’t know what’s going to happen with him. I hope I get the chance to work with him. I do.

But I can’t put money on Taylor writing something that we all hope that happens. If you hope (for) something, you might want to bet that he’ll write the opposite.”

Of course, she’s referring to her character Aunt Claire in 1883, who was killed in wagon train before then even got close to Montana.

So, I guess we’ll see if John Dutton gets killed off this season, considering the drama that’s gone on with film scheduling issues.

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