Skier Almost Gets Kicked In The Head Flying Past Angry Moose In Colorado


Talk about one helluva surprise.

Tons of people go out to Colorado for their incredible skiing year in and year out.

How could you not? The gorgeous scenery of the rocky mountains is unbeatable, and it’s something I think everybody needs to try out at least once.

Another part about skiing in the mountains of Colorado, is that you may run into some wildlife that you aren’t used to seeing in your home state as well.

In particular, I’m talking about elk, moose, and even bears.

Of course, these creatures tend to try and avoid human interaction any chance they can, but what do you do when you accidentally sneak up on one of these massive creatures?

It just may not end pretty.

Here is one prime example right here, where we have someone skiing out in Colorado.

They turn the corner, and all of a sudden you see two moose sitting right there, just waiting.

At first, the moose appear to be startled, but that fright quickly turns to anger, as one of the moose begins to charge right at the person skiing.

Luckily, the moose never made contact with the person, but it threw a pretty powerful front kick that came pretty close to their head, just close enough to have them see their life flash before their eyes.

Check it out:

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